The Gender Academy, once again in the year 2017, developed in the city of Turin, Italy, from November 13 to 24, a space to learn and debate about the global challenges on gender issues with the participation of international experts of high level, sharing experiences with professionals from around the world.

Doctor Myriam Suazo de Pacheco, former deputy to the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN) for the state of Honduras, participated in this important event. She has also been Vice Minister of Industry and Commerce in Honduras, former President of the Eurolat Forum for Women and former president. of the Parlacen Women’s Commission, in this occasion, attended that event, as representative of the Euro-Latin American Forum of Women for Central America.

In the course, different practical approaches and advanced methodologies on gender issues were tested.

The plenary conferences focused on the challenges from the international perspective.

Among the topics discussed were the following:

1.- The gender and labor dimensions of migration.

2.- The provision of care, the economy and the value chain from the provision of care.

3.- Gender equality for a fairer and more intensive growth in employment.

4.- Global markets, new technologies and the world of work.

5.- Low salary and equal remuneration.

In addition to the plenary sessions, optional workshops were held where key issues of the OIT were addressed, such as international labor standards for gender equality, non-discrimination, gender-sensitive employment policies and strategies, the socio-economic empowerment of women, maternity and paternity at work, men and gender equality in the world of work.

Issues of relevance were also addressed, such as: AIDS and the need to accelerate a response from the gender sensitive work world, climate change, gender equality and innovation, the links between gender equality, economics and sustainable development, the harassment in the world of work and its dimensions.

Doctor Myriam Suazo de Pacheco as representative of the Euro-Latin American Women’s Forum for Central America, given her vast experience in gender issues, was able to exchange experiences and at the same time enrich her knowledge about current and future challenges, policy options in areas related to the promotion of gender equality in the world of work, the tools and practical methods to adapt them to the environment of the Central American region and in addition, the creation of networks worldwide was proposed.

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