BOZAR: Sufi Night



“Sufism is the Islamic path of self-learning and self-knowledge, accessible to all those in search of spirituality. For the Sufi disciple, it is through an intimate experience of God that the dimension of Being emerges, bringing with it a profound understanding of Creation.” Samir Ben El Caid, president of the organization Traces de Lumière.

BOZAR and the Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre are once again inviting music groups from the Muslim world so we can hear their hypnotising music resonating throughout the Brussels venue. The focus this year is on Syria. The afternoon will feature a lecture and a poetry project with singing and a documentary. In the evening, it’s the turn of a renowned group of whirling dervishes and musicians from Damascus who will be on stage in the company of the magnificent singer Sheikh Hamed Daoud. There will also be a performance by the Badakhshan duo, who get their name from a region of Tajikistan which has a long and vibrant tradition of devotional music.