The webinar aims to give an overview to the EU SMES about the most convenient legal mechanisms to protect and exploit their inventions in the Centralamerican markets. How much time and money it would take or when can they start commercializing their products are the most persisting questions for the SMEs that shall be answered by our Intellectual Property experts during the webinar.

SMEs will be also provided with the best tips and watch-outs to bear in mind before, during and after entering the markets in that territories.

Moreover, any queries that the EU companies might have, are to be solved by the experts conducting the training session.

During the webinar you can expect:

  • Overview of Patents and Utility Models, including patentability requirements and patent costs
  • Detailed overview on how to register your patents and utility models in Central America
  • How to benefit from international patent agreements like Paris Convention and Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • When can I start exploiting the invention

Join us on 13 June at 15:00 (Brussels time) to know more.

Enrol here now!

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