World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate


Many countries, associations or companies are currently evaluating how their huge after Covid-19 economic stimulus packages can best integrate innovative environmental solutions for the transition to a climate-neutral economy. This gives innovative environmental solutions that have proven their effectiveness in one place the opportunity to be implemented in other countries as well.

The Press Club Brussels Europe launches the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate and organises on 23rd October 2020 together with its 120 press club partners around the world and their more than 23.000 affiliated journalists the longest ever press conference (24 hours successively in 24 time zones) on positive climate actions and innovations.

The kick-off will take place with EU officials at the Press Club Brussels Europe just before midnight the previous day. The first press conference will be held at 10:00 local time in New Zealand.

One hour later, Vanuatu will take over with a press conference from Port-Villa. From there, press conferences will follow in different time zones all along the 23rd of October at Press Clubs in Canberra, Tokyo, Seoul and many more of our global network of 120+ Press Clubs.


By participating in one of the press conferences you will reach interested parties around the world. Potential clients, partners, endorsers, prescribers and investors who may be thousands of km away can follow your presentation live from wherever they are.



120+ Press Clubs around the world are invited to partner with the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate as communication partners and media hubs. This means that your innovation is brought to the attention of their 23.000+ affiliated journalists.


Your presentation will reach people from other areas of expertise, needs and geographical locations who will be inspired by your solution or its possible adaptation to their realities and challenges. This greatly increases the potential impact and market potential of your innovation.


The 800+ main international climate and environmental organisations around the world are invited to partner with the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate. Your innovation reaches the actors that are working day in day out on the ground in need of practical solutions to face climate change and environmental challenges.


A minimum investment of your time and resources secures you the attention of an interested audience world wide who will see you as a reference and thought leader.



Speakers, experts, panellists, journalists and participants will not travel around the world to meet at a single location. The decentralised multiple locations facilitate participation from around the world without the negative impact and pollution of long distance travel.


Mankind thrives under pressure – it pushes us to use our fabulous capacity for innovation and creativity. By stimulating collaboration and communication, new solutions can be replicated and implemented at unprecedented speed. Worldwide!


Every press conference will conclude with practical and concrete recommendations on how the positive impact of the presented solutions can be increased and replicated worldwide. For each conference the contact details of the presenting experts, innovators and solution providers will be given to facilitate direct contact and follow up.


No theoretical debates or doom and gloom speeches. The spotlight is on innovations and solutions that have demonstrated their effectiveness in solving real climate related challenges.


Nobel Prize winner William Moomaw at the Press Club (February 2020)

Brussels LIVE Pop-Up Studio

Brussels is not only a major press and communication hub, it’s also a global associations hub. The adoption by the European Commission of the European Green Deal has boosted the importance of the Brussels based associations working on climate and energy issues. In partnership with the Office of the Commissioner for Europe and International Organisations and the Association Bureau of two studios at the Press Club Brussels Europe will be available on the 23 October during 24 hours for the presentation of the initiatives of the European and Brussels climate associations.

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