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Sign up now for the Censored Women’s Film Festival!
Join the Global Women’s Institute and The Honor Diaries for Washington D.C.’s first ever “Censored Women’s Film Festival.”


Censored Women’s Film Festival
A 2-Day Film Festival & Summit to Give Voice to the Voiceless


Thursday, November 19 (cocktail reception); and,
Friday, November 20 (films, speakers, workshops, and panel discussions)

The George Washington University

Learn more and RSVP at
The cost is FREE for students with a valid student ID. So please attend and bring a friend!


Hundreds of millions of women and girls around the world are abused, murdered, silenced, bought and sold. Often, these atrocities are committed in the name of culture, religion or tradition. We must put an end to these crimes.

Numerous groundbreaking films have documented these atrocities to raise awareness and mobilize action. At the Censored Women’s Film Festival (CWFF), these films will be shown, including Honor Diaries, Academy Award nominated Persepolis, The Cruel Cut, The Price of Honor, Honor Diaries and India’s Daughter.

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